By Lt. Jennifer Davies, AA/PIO
Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD) executive leaders know how hard the staff works, so when Warden (A) Patrick Covello, Chief Deputy Warden (A) Joe Stewart and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mary Ann Glynn challenged the leaders to show their appreciation to the staff, the team of decision makers answered the call.

National Correctional Professionals week was kicked off with a message of support given by Warden (A) Covello and CEO Glynn for all those in the field, from the officers to the support staff.  From there, over 20 managers pulled their resources together (shout out to the various associations, departments who helped and all generous giving from the managers themselves)  and purchased, prepared and served nachos, hot dogs, cookies and drinks to all correctional staff on Second and Third Watch. CDW Stewart encouraged the managers to don their favorite apron during the luncheon and they did just that. Staff were able to see managers in floral patterned aprons and even a tactical chef vest.

Wednesday afternoon, the AODs got together and passed out 1,400 bags of candy to staff coming into work, as well as those headed home for the day. While the candy was appreciated, it was the messages along with the candy that really hit home. Mounds bars for the mounds of courage our employees possess and gum to remind us to stick together, were a few examples. If there was a correctional version of Pinterest, these bags of candy would have been a perfect fit.

The following day, prior to the executive meeting and prior to passing out assignments, several administrators passed out something somewhat different from usual:  three different types of breakfast burritos to staff coming off First Watch and heading out of the secured perimeter.

It was a successful week and appreciated by the staff. However, even with the efforts made by the leaders of RJD to show their appreciation to the dedication of the staff, it will never match the efforts made by the RJD employees who keep the world outside of its walls a little safer.