Edgardo Cruz

Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) reported the passing of retired Correctional Officer Edgardo Cruz on August 3, 2018. He began his CDCR career in September 1986 as a Correctional Officer at SCC, where he remained until his retirement in July 2002.

Harry C. Newman

Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) reported the passing Dr. Harry C. Newman on July 14, 2018. He started his CDCR career at DVI in September 2001 as a Physician/Surgeon and remained at DVI until his passing.

Joan (De Felice) Le Loup

Ironwood State Prison (ISP) reported the passing of  retired Correctional Counselor I Joan (De Felice) Le Loup on July 18, 2018. She began her CDCR career in September 1989 as a cadet. Upon her graduation from the academy, she was assigned as a Correctional Officer at...

Daniel Torres

Wasco State Prison (WSP) – RC Intake reported the passing of retired Business Services Officer I Daniel Torres on July 18, 2018. He began his CDCR career in February 1998 as a Material & Stores Supervisor I at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) and...

Michael Borenschein

California Correctional Institution (CCI) reported on July 20, 2018,  the passing retired Correctional Officer Michael Borenschein. He began his career with CDCR at the Basic Correctional Officer Academy in September 1997. Upon graduation, he reported to CCI where as...