Tragedies pull CDCR family closer

It is with a heavy heart that I write about three outstanding people who left us way too early.  The magnitude of the loss impacts us all, but at the prisons or camps where these wonderful people worked, the pain is even more excruciating.  What I have witnessed these last couple weeks is an organization that comes together to give as much comfort as possible to those who are hurting.  Even under these tragic circumstances the leadership and compassion I have witnessed is simply astounding.  Staff fighting through their personal pain to comfort the families of our fallen brothers and sister, and taking care of each other in a way that makes me proud to be part of such a great group of people. 

CDCR staff steps up for Proposition 57

On May 1, 2017, the first phase of the historic Proposition 57 regulations will begin. On that date, all inmates, with the exception of the condemned and those serving life without parole, will begin earning good-conduct credit. Allowing inmates to earn credits towards parole suitability or earlier release gives them hope where previously they had none. The responsibility for earning credits is solidly placed on the individual inmate. The remaining phases of Proposition 57 will be implemented this summer. While there are many good reasons to make these changes, the most important to me is the enhancement to the safety of our staff and the citizens of California.

Secretary outlines more prison reforms: Classification changes, expanded family visiting

Last month, I briefed you on the significant changes coming with the approval by voters of Proposition 57. I’d like to thank staff – both at Headquarters and in the field − for their hard work in developing regulations, modifying our IT systems, developing complex training programs, and helping set and meet an aggressive schedule to roll out this landmark reform. All this work will materialize in the coming months and will positively impact everybody at CDCR, both staff and inmates. A fundamental element of Proposition 57 is the realization that we are in the best position to know how individual inmates are programming and whether they are showing sustained positive behavior. Proposition 57 is a common sense reform that brings us closer to the days of indeterminate sentencing by placing the responsibility on the inmate to remain disciplinary free and to be actively programming.